IT vs Marketing

This presentation was delivered at the Post Secondary Education Web Conference June 25th 2013 by JP Rains and Martin Laferriere (Chief Web Officer, Laurentian University).

Here’s the description: 

Ever hang up the phone saying “what is Marketing thinking?” or leave a meeting saying “IT just doesn’t get this”. This presentation, put on jointly by IT and Marketing, will make you feel at home whether you care more about WYSIWG or CMYK.

Sharing our lessons learned, success stories and failures, the talk will include topics that everyone can enjoy or loathe, including:
– Web Design and Launch
– Social Media
– Micro-sites

This presentation will add insight to your daily conversations with “the dark side”, from whichever perspective you share.



Social Media and HR

This presentation was given to the Sudbury Human Resources Professionals Association in November of 2011. Rooted in providing an understand of social media, an overview of the implications within Human Resources and tools to better leverage social media within talent recruitment and others.

Security and Social Media

Just yesterday, Rains Media delivered this presentation along with @MatthewMelnyk to the Ontario Association of College & University Security Administrators (OACUSA).

Check it out if you are at all interested in Campus Security, Emergency Communications and social media investigative tools.