10 of the Most Liked Branded Photos on Instagram

Ever wonder which photos have the most Likes on Instagram? Here’s 10 major brands and their top photos.

PSEWEB: Paying your way to the top – advertising on Facebook and Twitter

Here’s a presentation I delivered at the PSEWEB Conference in Toronto, Ontario on July 28th 2014.

“You should think that you can get to the top of the social networks organically. This should be the “right” way to get ahead. Well, it isn’t exclusively the way to get there. Advertising on Facebook and Twitter, with a budget, can yield significant results for your business goal as well as positive results for your brand.

Having spent the last 4 years advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter totalling in the six figures, I’d like to share insights, failures and successes.

Here’s an overview of the presentation:
– Earning executive support
– Proposing and implementing a plan
– Adjusting your strategy”

Presentation on trends in Social Media for Education

Here’s a video of a presentation I delivered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada to local guidance councilors.

This presentation is 30 minutes and has a focus on trends in Social Media with a focus on Education. Warning, the visuals will be boring, so be ready for that. Note, at about minute 9, I mention LinkedIn’s revenue for 2013, this number should be projecting for $1.4B rather than what is stated.