Student Journey Mapping

The student journey in higher education is the most high engagement purchase of a lifetime. It is the most defining purchase and nearly the most expensive. With that said, there are many personas within the student journey to evaluate and many activities throughout it. In this presentation, I’ve brought together the “how” to create these Read more about Student Journey Mapping[…]

PSEWEB: Paying your way to the top – advertising on Facebook and Twitter

Here’s a presentation I delivered at the PSEWEB Conference in Toronto, Ontario on July 28th 2014. “You should think that you can get to the top of the social networks organically. This should be the “right” way to get ahead. Well, it isn’t exclusively the way to get there. Advertising on Facebook and Twitter, with Read more about PSEWEB: Paying your way to the top – advertising on Facebook and Twitter[…]

The Future of Marketing in Education

On Marketing and the impacts to Education The future of digital marketing is a space where personalized experiences exist within a multi-device landscape in real time. <- That is a lot of buzz words. Let me break this down. Personalized experiences shouldn’t just be about predicting where we want people to click. We want to Read more about The Future of Marketing in Education[…]

The Future of Education

Barriers have long existed in education; proximity, access to resources, logistics, financial and social. Many of these barriers have been removed by forward-thinking institutions and individuals (that’s another conversation, but Sal Khan embodies it).  The truth is “the student” changes with time and so should the institutions; the key is the pace of that change. Read more about The Future of Education[…]

One Awesome campaign and why it succeeded.

In marketing,communications and IT, we’re often jumping from one campaign to the next aiming to reproduce and improve on successes of the past. Recently, we just capped off one of our most successful campaigns and I figured it was worth a post! In a nutshell, here’s what made this campaign successful! Clear Goals: Our campaign Read more about One Awesome campaign and why it succeeded.[…]

Presentation to University Student Association Managers on Social Media

This presentation was delivered in the fall of 2013 to student association managers and staff. The presentation has a focus on social media management, marketing and channels. The focus is excellence within Facebook, Twitter and other channels with a small budget. I wish I could share all of my presentations, but here’s a public one Read more about Presentation to University Student Association Managers on Social Media[…]

IT vs Marketing

This presentation was delivered at the Post Secondary Education Web Conference June 25th 2013 by JP Rains and Martin Laferriere (Chief Web Officer, Laurentian University). Here’s the description:  Ever hang up the phone saying “what is Marketing thinking?” or leave a meeting saying “IT just doesn’t get this”. This presentation, put on jointly by IT Read more about IT vs Marketing[…]

New Facebook News Feed – 3 Things for Page Managers

Uh oh. Facebook changed the News feed again. Sending Marketers in a panic everywhere, the changes to the Facebook News feed were released Thursday and they are, well, expected. This change isn’t drastic for users of tablet applications and mobile apps that have used the black left hand navigation bar for some time, replacing the Read more about New Facebook News Feed – 3 Things for Page Managers[…]

4 Wishes for Online Marketing in 2012

5 Wishes I hold as a consumer for 2012 Increased personalization :  we delete or do not open the majority of newsletters we are included on simply because they aren’t relevant to us. I’m not saying writing my name in the Subject line or first line of an email gets marketers any gold stars, but Read more about 4 Wishes for Online Marketing in 2012[…]

King Content : A social media audit

I presented this topic to the #pseweb conference in Toronto recently. It did spark some debate among colleagues and it was great to see people really start to consider what they want to post on their own social media pages. We took 10 Canadian University and College pages from accross Canada and analyzed their levels Read more about King Content : A social media audit[…]