IT vs Marketing

This presentation was delivered at the Post Secondary Education Web Conference June 25th 2013 by JP Rains and Martin Laferriere (Chief Web Officer, Laurentian University). Here’s the description:  Ever hang up the phone saying “what is Marketing thinking?” or leave a meeting saying “IT just doesn’t get this”. This presentation, put on jointly by IT Read more about IT vs Marketing[…]

Twitter: The new church basement

First of all, I’m a numbers guy. When I saw a post from Fraser Strategies saying that my former MP had left Twitter, I wanted to crunch the numbers. The NDP member of parliament for Timmins-James Bay, Charlie Angus, had in fact, left Twitter. I’m not disappointed in Angus, or his advisors, but I am disappointed for Read more about Twitter: The new church basement[…]

Smoke Signals and Messaging.

Most recently I sat in the vast ocean of audience that was listening to a keynote from @JesseHirsh CBC’s national correspondant in technology, thinking to myself what Social Media consists of for the audience. Jesse mentioned that “Social Media” really began with smoke signals, this dates back to ancient china when soldiers would send smoke Read more about Smoke Signals and Messaging.[…]

Social Media’s Impact on Politics

The most recent Ontario election has left me wondering whether or not the results were impacted by the activities of the candidates on Social Media. With that, I decided to take a look at 3 races where an underdog came up to take the win in a close race. This will hopefully give us an Read more about Social Media’s Impact on Politics[…]

Social Capital – Your Reputation

“Respect is not given, it is earned.” The same is true for social capital. For brands, it is becoming increasingly difficult to convert visitors to followers. Gone are the days of associating with a Facebook page simply because of a given affinity. The value has to be identified quickly and delivered upon constantly. Facebook page’s, Read more about Social Capital – Your Reputation[…]

Security and Social Media

Just yesterday, Rains Media delivered this presentation along with @MatthewMelnyk to the Ontario Association of College & University Security Administrators (OACUSA). Check it out if you are at all interested in Campus Security, Emergency Communications and social media investigative tools. -JP Security and social media View more presentations from Jean-Paul Rains

The 4 reasons you need Twitter – for the non-converted

Why you should get Twitter. Let your news come to you: Twitter brings the information you want directly to you. No waiting until 6pm for the daily news, or waiting for the journalist to have the IT guys update the website. Twitter’s trending topics can quickly show you what everyone around the virtual water cooler Read more about The 4 reasons you need Twitter – for the non-converted[…]

Creating a Sense of Community

In any large organization, social media usually involves many moving parts – even more so in HigherEd, where many silos exist throughout the organization. Enabling the various content managers throughout the organizations to be cohesive and further to that, create a sense of community (online) can be challenging. Here are some strategies from around the Read more about Creating a Sense of Community[…]