PSEWEB: Paying your way to the top – advertising on Facebook and Twitter

Here’s a presentation I delivered at the PSEWEB Conference in Toronto, Ontario on July 28th 2014. “You should think that you can get to the top of the social networks organically. This should be the “right” way to get ahead. Well, it isn’t exclusively the way to get there. Advertising on Facebook and Twitter, with Read more about PSEWEB: Paying your way to the top – advertising on Facebook and Twitter[…]

How a simple #hashtag brings together a community

Not everyone knows how to properly use a #hashtag, and even less people know how to use a hashtag to accomplish a goal. I was very proud to take part in the #SudburyMob yesterday, an opportunity for anyone to tweet about why they love the community they live in. This initiative was wildly successful yesterday Read more about How a simple #hashtag brings together a community[…]

Becoming a Social Media Guru in 60 minutes

This presentation, slightly modified from another deck I use, was delivered to 4th year Marketing students at Laurentian University in Sudbury. Here’s an overview of the presentation: Trends What are social marketers doing today? Which channels are they using, or considering? Metrics How can you measure your success? How can you measure your success AND Read more about Becoming a Social Media Guru in 60 minutes[…]

Defining Your Success on Twitter: Ornithology 2.0

Defining your success on twitter from Jean-Paul Rains was a presentation delivered to the #PSEWEB conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  With nearly all PSE institutions on Twitter, we’ve established that it is important to have a presence. That presence has differing levels of dedicated resources, different goals and varying measures of success. Like Ornithology, this presentation Read more about Defining Your Success on Twitter: Ornithology 2.0[…]

Twitter: The new church basement

First of all, I’m a numbers guy. When I saw a post from Fraser Strategies saying that my former MP had left Twitter, I wanted to crunch the numbers. The NDP member of parliament for Timmins-James Bay, Charlie Angus, had in fact, left Twitter. I’m not disappointed in Angus, or his advisors, but I am disappointed for Read more about Twitter: The new church basement[…]

Measuring your Twitter Klout

Recently, when asked by a client how they could properly measure their success versus competitors on Twitter, I defaulted to my typical answer, but then thought it out a little more. Initially I thought of or After my cursory view of both the client and their competitor I noticed that, although the client Read more about Measuring your Twitter Klout[…]

Social Media’s Impact on Politics

The most recent Ontario election has left me wondering whether or not the results were impacted by the activities of the candidates on Social Media. With that, I decided to take a look at 3 races where an underdog came up to take the win in a close race. This will hopefully give us an Read more about Social Media’s Impact on Politics[…]

King Content : A social media audit

I presented this topic to the #pseweb conference in Toronto recently. It did spark some debate among colleagues and it was great to see people really start to consider what they want to post on their own social media pages. We took 10 Canadian University and College pages from accross Canada and analyzed their levels Read more about King Content : A social media audit[…]

The 4 reasons you need Twitter – for the non-converted

Why you should get Twitter. Let your news come to you: Twitter brings the information you want directly to you. No waiting until 6pm for the daily news, or waiting for the journalist to have the IT guys update the website. Twitter’s trending topics can quickly show you what everyone around the virtual water cooler Read more about The 4 reasons you need Twitter – for the non-converted[…]

The Brand Bowl

With the Super Bowl representing Television’s biggest event, ever, it creates an advertising platform that makes marketers salivate. How could I resist talking about it?  A few stats to establish the reach; 30-second spots averaged 3M$ (roughly 100,000$/second) and the game that was watched by 100M people. Of those commercials, only 17% included Social Media Read more about The Brand Bowl[…]