5 Reasons Why Your Website is a Garden

I’m often in a meeting trying to explain the crux of a website, and after likely 100+ of my poor car analogies. I’ve finally landed on one I can trust – your website is a garden. Let’s have some fun with it. Websites should never die – they evolve. Much like a garden, with time Read more about 5 Reasons Why Your Website is a Garden[…]

Smoke Signals and Messaging.

Most recently I sat in the vast ocean of audience that was listening to a keynote from @JesseHirsh CBC’s national correspondant in technology, thinking to myself what Social Media consists of for the audience. Jesse mentioned that “Social Media” really began with smoke signals, this dates back to ancient china when soldiers would send smoke Read more about Smoke Signals and Messaging.[…]

Measuring your Twitter Klout

Recently, when asked by a client how they could properly measure their success versus competitors on Twitter, I defaulted to my typical answer, but then thought it out a little more. Initially I thought of Klout.com or Kred.com. After my cursory view of both the client and their competitor I noticed that, although the client Read more about Measuring your Twitter Klout[…]

4 Wishes for Online Marketing in 2012

5 Wishes I hold as a consumer for 2012 Increased personalization :  we delete or do not open the majority of newsletters we are included on simply because they aren’t relevant to us. I’m not saying writing my name in the Subject line or first line of an email gets marketers any gold stars, but Read more about 4 Wishes for Online Marketing in 2012[…]

Thoughts of the week

I’ve had a lot of sporadic Facebook ideas throughout this week and I decided simply to write them down!   Facebook Ads: Target fans of your page on their birthday, with no specific call to action. Likely, they wouldn’t click on your ad, however, the positive brand interaction will still be fostered and at little cost Read more about Thoughts of the week[…]

Social Capital – Your Reputation

“Respect is not given, it is earned.” The same is true for social capital. For brands, it is becoming increasingly difficult to convert visitors to followers. Gone are the days of associating with a Facebook page simply because of a given affinity. The value has to be identified quickly and delivered upon constantly. Facebook page’s, Read more about Social Capital – Your Reputation[…]

King Content : A social media audit

I presented this topic to the #pseweb conference in Toronto recently. It did spark some debate among colleagues and it was great to see people really start to consider what they want to post on their own social media pages. We took 10 Canadian University and College pages from accross Canada and analyzed their levels Read more about King Content : A social media audit[…]

Creating a Sense of Community

In any large organization, social media usually involves many moving parts – even more so in HigherEd, where many silos exist throughout the organization. Enabling the various content managers throughout the organizations to be cohesive and further to that, create a sense of community (online) can be challenging. Here are some strategies from around the Read more about Creating a Sense of Community[…]