Student Journey Mapping

Presentation delivered to the 220 attendees of the 2017 Strategic Enrolment Management Forum in Toronto on November 29th.


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Student Journey Mapping

The student journey in higher education is the most high engagement purchase of a lifetime. It is the most defining purchase and nearly the most expensive. With that said, there are many personas within the student journey to evaluate and many activities throughout it. In this presentation, I’ve brought together the “how” to create these Read more about Student Journey Mapping[…]

#pseweb – Web Wars: A New Hope

This presentation was delivered on July 29, for the #pseweb conference in Toronto, Ontario. Here’s the description of the talk: Planning the governance, architecture and content of a website can sometimes feel like a sci-fi trilogy. With stakeholders, HiPPOs and your gut all giving you conflicting ideas, where do you take the first step? I’d Read more about #pseweb – Web Wars: A New Hope[…]