Social Capital – Your Reputation

“Respect is not given, it is earned.”

The same is true for social capital. For brands, it is becoming increasingly difficult to convert visitors to followers. Gone are the days of associating with a Facebook page simply because of a given affinity. The value has to be identified quickly and delivered upon constantly.

Facebook page’s, Twitter accounts and Websites, they all garner attention based on content. This much I made as clear as possible in my last presentation at PSEWeb. The real important thing here is that each page, after converting a follower, has a finite amount of what some call Social Capital. In a nutshell, how long you are willing to tolerate items you don’t care about until you Unlike, or Unfollow.

Each post you create factors into your social capital, everytime someone sees your name, you either increase or decrease in their mind. A brand, a politician or a friend, your brain becomes conditioned to either ignore or pay further attention to that brand.

Your social capital should be guarded fiercely, every post should be strategic and vetted. It’s hard to believe that many big brands aren’t customizing their posts, their websites or tweets. Even on a personal level, thinking of who will actually want to read your content will drive you to be relevant, interesting and timely. When you hit these three components you’re in the #baconzone.

Viva la baconzone.

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