5 Reasons Why Your Website is a Garden

I’m often in a meeting trying to explain the crux of a website, and after likely 100+ of my poor car analogies. I’ve finally landed on one I can trust – your website is a garden. Let’s have some fun with it. Websites should never die – they evolve. Much like a garden, with time Read more about 5 Reasons Why Your Website is a Garden[…]

Defining Your Success on Twitter: Ornithology 2.0

Defining your success on twitter from Jean-Paul Rains was a presentation delivered to the #PSEWEB conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  With nearly all PSE institutions on Twitter, we’ve established that it is important to have a presence. That presence has differing levels of dedicated resources, different goals and varying measures of success. Like Ornithology, this presentation Read more about Defining Your Success on Twitter: Ornithology 2.0[…]

Measuring your Twitter Klout

Recently, when asked by a client how they could properly measure their success versus competitors on Twitter, I defaulted to my typical answer, but then thought it out a little more. Initially I thought of Klout.com or Kred.com. After my cursory view of both the client and their competitor I noticed that, although the client Read more about Measuring your Twitter Klout[…]

How effective is your Facebook page?

So you manage a page on Facebook. You have 4,000 “fans” and have spent $500 to get there. You’re thrilled management is buying in and the results are starting to show. You feel you got your money’s worth because you believe each fan is worth $3.86. Once you have gained this mass amount of fans, Read more about How effective is your Facebook page?[…]