4 Wishes for Online Marketing in 2012

5 Wishes I hold as a consumer for 2012

  • Increased personalization :  we delete or do not open the majority of newsletters we are included on simply because they aren’t relevant to us. I’m not saying writing my name in the Subject line or first line of an email gets marketers any gold stars, but when I receive a message from an organization which carefully tagged my interests – I care.
  • Less is more : moving away from the theory of sending X number of messages per week and instead having a content strategy that gives flexibility for timely messages and doesn’t look to “fill dead air”. 
  • Ground-level use of presumed relevancy : while Google and Facebook use this as the core of any user experience, I would love to see major online brands start to use this to form their user experiences. I think of websites that produce high levels of content, have many users and diverse interests. For example, the NFL has 32 teams and threads of fans that dislike seeing positive news about each other. While many of them will let you identify a favorite team, few of them center your user experience around it.
  • Elimination of  “Find us on Facebook” : every consumer knows you’re on Facebook – give them a reason to visit, not a challenge in finding you.
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